Why should Marble flooring not be preferred for Apartment Units?

Why should Marble flooring not be preferred for Apartment Units?

The flooring of a unit is as important as choosing the wall paint color. Selection of ideal flooring that provides anti-slip feature and at the same time serves best finish is essential. These qualities not only apply to the flooring of a living room, bedroom, kitchen or any other room but also apply to the bathroom. Actually, the choice of flooring for bathrooms should be even more careful because of the constant wet flooring.

People residing at apartments in Chennai usually prefer marble flooring for the rooms because of its rich look. In the past, marble flooring was associated with wealth and people who reside at luxury flats in Chennai opt for this flooring. But in the recent times, they have become very common in every household. People have started using marbled bathroom flooring. With the use of marble catching up in the city, here we would like to suggest some insights about using marble in the bathrooms for your apartment unit.

Installation process

To start off with, marble is nothing but a metamorphic rock that has been in use for years together. Its availability in different colors, veining and textures make it different from other flooring patterns. Since every marble differs in its pattern, arrangement and installation process should be carried out with uniformity. Make sure that the veining present in a marble suits the adjacent marbles during this installation process to produce a fine finishing. Usually, high-end marbles have equal distribution and soft veining making it give rich look.


Other than giving a luxury vibe, marbles installed in bathroom walls, flooring, fixtures areas, sinks, counter’s and in the places for molding gives intricate detailing works.


Opting for marbles in bathrooms has way more negatives than positives. Generally, marbles get easily spoiled by acidic materials. That is, use of acidic materials such as lemon or any other cleaning products could damage the quality of the marbles. Hence it is wise to check whether the flooring is compatible with any cleaning product before using it.

On the flip side, since marble is a soft stone, it absorbs any color easily. This applies to the case of white marbles where any stains can be easily identified. For instance, taking hair wash after applying dye would cast that color on the marbles and create a stain. To avoid this people couple this marble flooring with porcelain tile. The interest of people are shifting towards tiles and there are some option remain the best while going for tile flooring.


For a longer lasting marble flooring experience, seal the gaps with quality sealer during the installation process. This sealer applied on and in-between the marbles needs to be properly maintained. Using strong cleaning products leads to the damage of this sealing agent.  Just use light soapy water and scrub it with nylon brush which would clean the marbles neatly.

Porcelain would be the best alternative for bathroom flooring because it is cost-effective and needs less maintenance. Also, it offers more durability and can be even used as flooring in case of steam showers.

Though available at reduced costs, investing in marbles for bathrooms is actually not a good idea. Instead of this, invest in good quality marbles in the living and other rooms which could enhance the rich look of apartments in Chennai.

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